The Sterilization Science course offered by FISPM HEALTHCARE ACADEMY is a golden oppurtunity for individuals seeking to enhance their knowledge and skills in the field of sterilization. This course offers comprehensive training and practical experience, ensuring participants are well equipped in thier careers. Don't miss this change to advance your professional development and be an allied healthcare practitioner in the field of sterile processing industry.

The company offers a minimum of:

✅ 6 months Sterilization Science Technician course.

✅ 1 year Sterilization Science Instrument Specialist course.

✅ 2 years Sterilization Science in Leadership and Managerial Sterile processing course.

✅ Infection control course

✅ Endoscopy course (soon to open)

✅ Healthcare Facility Safety course ( soon to open)

 You may kindly fill up the pre-evaluation form in the link below: